My name is Caroline and I would love to help guide you on your Yoga journey.

I teach an ever-evolving style of yoga.  My early influences were Ashtanga yoga (when I first got the yoga ‘bug’ 18 years ago!) but over time my style has evolved and is usually considered Vinyasa yoga, in that it is a fairly dynamic class, with a series of sun salutations featuring in most classes.  

There are always options for all, so a dynamic class style does not need to mean all levels can’t be practising together in class.  If you prefer to learn the basics first and build up, you may prefer a beginners class or course, but if you like to get going and jump into things, learning as you go, then you are very welcome to come to these classes, although they could be regarded as ‘intermediate’ classes. It is very hard to describe a yoga class, as Hatha and Vinyasa can both be used to describe the same class.  ‘Flow’ is sometimes a good way to describe a more dynamic class. 

Regardless of definition, the classes I offer are always inclusive and accessible and open to all, although we have a lot of regulars so this means some beginners may prefer to start with a one to one session or a beginners workshop – please chat to me if unsure!

The classes I teach are well rounded and carefully planned, creative but grounded in a deep understanding of anatomy. 

We start with a mindful centring practice (this may be sitting, lying down or standing and becoming aware of your breath – a chace to check in and shed the noise of the day!), a full body warm up that helps to lubricate joints & activate muscles in preparation for the more dynamic phases while releasing excess tension, a sun salutation flow sequence (I have created some variations of the traditional sequences that help to balance the practice and offers a variety of options for different needs), standing poses including balancing poses and often arm balances (always optional of course!) followed by floor poses – some that strengthen your core, some that stretch things out and some that help you unwind before the all-important shavasana, where you get to assimilate the benefits of your practice and just chill out before getting back into your daily life after class…

(From April till October I teach SUP yoga (that’s yoga on a SUP – a stand-up paddleboard!) in addition to on-land classes which are open to all and more info on that can be found here.)

Each (on land) class has a focus and I work around an evolving programme so we come back to each focus on a regular basis.  This means that you learn and grow and progress in your yoga journey. Some poses will feature in most classes, some will not – we do not do the same thing each class, although will always cover all areas in each class.

One of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, is the Niyamas, or observations, of which one is ‘Swadhyaya’ or self-study, discovery, self-reflection and continued learning.  Yoga is an infinite topic and there is always more to learn and more discoveries are being made as the ancient practice and teachings meet modern scientific scrutiny and developments.  The practice of yoga is by nature Swadhyaya, as is the teaching of it!  I continually seek to learn more to upgrade my offerings to my students.  We are all students!

This means the ‘Hips’ class is not a hip opening class – instead it is a Hip focussed class including stability and strength as well as mobility in ALL directions.  Hip opening is a bit of a yoga buzz word but actually most poses ‘open’ the hips and most hips need stability as much if not more than opening – and any opening (aka increased flexibility) needs to be balanced by strength in that new range.  Don’t worry about the detail there, but know I am staying on top of research, new findings and new levels of understanding in yoga anatomy so I can keep your class as up to date, safe and functional as possible in a physical sense!

Yoga is not just about the physical though, and the key to it all is mindful movement, the breath and being present, allowing the chatter of the mind to dissolve to make way for you to just be.  

The work we do is all part of helping you to feel great – getting the feel-good endorphins flowing and the energy or prana within you mobilised.  We always end with a relaxing shavasana where you get to completely relax (I know – this is the hard bit for many of us, it gets easier with practice!).  

Hopefully I’ve addressed a few of your queries about the classes I teach here – but if you have any questions about whether yoga or this class would be suitable for you then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Dynamic Yoga Classes: Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm Somerford Arc, 20 Southey Road, BH23 3EH.

Private Yoga Sessions: These can be arranged to suit – please contact me for more information.   Individual sessions or small groups at a time to suit you,

Individual and Small Group Courses: Choose from a 4, 6, 10 class programme (or a custom programme) and have your yoga practice completely tailored to your needs. Please contact me to discuss.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: See the Yoga Workshops page for the full workshop schedule & to book your place.

SUP (Paddleboard) Yoga classes:  Relaunch in April 2018.

Private SUP Yoga Classes: If you wish to arrange a private SUP yoga session this is possible, an hour private lesson is £65, any additional people an extra £12 each.

For groups of 8 and over £18 per person including board hire.  We can teach up to 12 in one group, over 12 and we split into 2 groups with 2 instructors.

Private SUP Yoga Experiences:  Join with a few friends for a 2h SUP to The Beachhouse on Mudeford Spit and end with a relaxing SUP yoga session. Pricing depends on numbers: £100 for 2 people, £125 for 3 people, £150 for 4 people, £175 for 5 people or £200 for 6 people.

Bespoke variations of this also available – please contact me to discuss your needs and come up with a plan!

Gentle Somatic Yoga classes:  coming soon!


A full day to destress – paddleboarding, SUP yoga, lunch, restorative yoga & relaxation- some days will include access to a spa – dates to be confirmed.


*This website is ‘under construction’ as I am no longer offering 121 Personal Training and my previous website was not really reflecting my new (and very exciting) direction!  I decided to close that down and get this one up and running – but with a busy schedule and 2 little ones this may be under construction for a while so please bear with me if there are ugly bits or missing bits!